Going Big and Flashy...(why wouldn't we)

As we continue to think Spring as the days slowly go by and the snow begins to melt, then pile back up, and the cold sets in (again)...there is no doubt that at some point the grass will become green, the sun will shine bright and hot and the trees will show their leaves.  Until those days come, we imagine it in different terms then put that imagination into shirt design.  Clearly with this years design, we have lost our minds from all the sub-zero temps...and we are very happy we did!  Take a look and let us know what you think:
Yeah, we're pretty proud!  The gear West Duathlon is in its 21st year...that is awesome!  WE continue to believe that the fun of the sport is the reason it exists at all.  We want to encourage that fun, keep it real, keep it simple, and, of course, keep it safe. If you haven't yet registered for the 2014 Gear West Duathlon, please check the link to Zap Events below and get it on the calendar.